Westfield Newmarket

New build fit-out for Westfield Shopping Centres Newmarket with Scentre Group Brief NZ’s largest retail development of its time, incorporating new retail formats for a number of keystone retailers and first time Australian department stores. It has more than 230 new specialty stores and a gross lettable area of 88,150 square metres. A rooftop lifestyle, dining and entertainment precinct, integrated a new state-of-the-art Cinemas complex, and brings restaurant food and beverage experiences in a vibrant outdoor environment, providing shoppers, diners and visitors with an exceptional leisure and hospitality experience. Chillex was involved upfront in the ECI process and appointed to provide the design and build of the entire mechanical services of the new build section at 309 Broadway. 309 is a new multi-storeyed block of the centre home to the rooftop experience, fine dining restaurants, retail stores, and a cinema complex.

  • Our Engineers designed the entire mechanical services and modelled the full project in BIM. BIM has been instrumental in the success of building this project as all services have been modelled before construction began, reducing the rework required which occurs on a normal construction project.
  • First time installation in NZ of Series Counterflow Chillers supplied by Trane. Chillex worked extremely closely with our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that the system would function and operate correctly.
  • Working with a noted constraint on acoustic engineering with significant noise making HVAC equipment going in (including 30 AHU’s, 20 large FCU, 6 large smoke extract fans, and over 30 roof mounted fan systems) next door to the historic Highwick House. Chillex partnered with NCS Acoustics Ltd to create a full acoustic model that assisted with the selection, acoustic treatment and location of the mechanical plant.
  • Providing DX cooling to all the Edge Termination Point rooms (ETP) with a Mitsubishi Electric central control and communication loop to monitor which meant any mid-build changes in the location of the ETP rooms could be easily accommodated. Also meant the centre has a fail-safe control line for the critical elements of the building with the ETP rooms continuing to operate in the event of an issue with the BMS.
  • Highlighting the opportunity to split and reposition the planned placement of the single chilled water system. Working with Mitsubishi Electric & Temperzone, Chillex redesigned the system allowing rooftop restaurants to run individually in the mode they required without loading the central plant.
  • Incorporating a late change with key design outcomes to the centre with additional of another level of sophisticated dining hospitality. The mechanical design was the most complex of all the restaurants and Chillex delivered.
  • Forward planning on significant plant orders and responding to changes in plans while still achieving deadlines and desired comfort levels. By being hands-on and responsive, Chillex ensured the plan changes were met and any re-engineering and plant leadtimes didn’t hinder the programme


Chilled Water Capacity: 4.1Mw Boiler
Capacity: 900kw
Number of Pumps: 8 from 3kw to 37kw
Number of AHU’s: 22 from 32kw to 143kw (1,430l/s to 6440l/s)
Number of FCU’s: 27 from 2kw to 55kw (100l/s to 2,900l/s) AC
Capacity: 350kw from 3kw to 40kw
Number of AC systems: 35 VRF Capacity: 630kw Number of VRF indoors/systems: 35/8

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