Everil Orr Retirement Village – Frampton

The third and largest building at the Everil Orr Retirement Village, block A – Frampton, is an elegant solution to retirement living. With a variety of common areas, care suits, and commercial areas each requiring different heating and cooling loads, the Mitsubishi HVRF system was the perfect choice for allowing precise control over multiple common area zones.

The use of stand alone split systems within care suits enables residents to have control over the climate in their living spaces, promoting personalized comfort. The HVRF system’s advanced control algorithms adapt to varying thermal loads, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing utility costs for the common areas.

A centralized smart control system AE200 has been integrated with the HVRF systems to manage and monitor the entire HVAC network. This helps further improve upon the energy savings and personalised control offered by the HVRF systems.

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