Chillex Maintenance scope was to upgrade the existing HVAC system to meet the new Cityfitness requirements. This consisted of the alteration and upgrade to the existing HVAC systems across both levels 3 & 4.

It was decided by the management team to utilise the new Zoomlock braze-free fittings for the new additional VRV installation providing additional supplementary cooling. The use of the Zoomlock product help speed up the overall installation of the Refrigerant pipework at the same time this eliminated the need for any hotworks and fire hazards.

The Project had a very tight programme to follow from the start, this was due to the project being started several months prior to Chillex being approached, in order to accomplish everything on time, multiple crews were arranged and major planning was put in place, nothing that the Chillex Crew couldn’t handle of course. Overall another exciting project completed and another satisfied customer.

The initial design was done by Thurston. Chillex made several recommendations/changes to help reduce the cost to both the landlord and the tenant as well as speed up the overall installation process and we knew the programme was extremely tight.

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