Beach Road Residential VRF Upgrade

Chillex Maintenance were approached to solve a problem, an inoperable AC system. And in the middle of winter!

To identify the cause of the issue, we engaged Black Diamond Technology and installed a state of the art AE-200 central controller unit. The error management functionality provided the data which the maintenance team used to locate and isolate multiple refrigerant leaks.

Once the problem units were identified, our service team were able to quickly order and replace them. Despite not being like for like model replacements, BDT were able to provide units that used the same refrigerant pipework which allowed for an easy, no hassle, plug and play transition.

Given the city multi units sit inside, and being a residential property, noise was a concern for our client. Chillex went the extra mile by designing and installing customised acoustic cowling to mitigate as much noise as possible whilst maintaining performance aesthetic.

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