Posted on 06/12/2019 by Chillex

Is it a bird? A plane? Its ……………..a Chiller!

Monday, 25th November 2019

The project involved the replacement of the existing Chiller located above the Events Cinemas at St Luke’s, the job took several weeks of planning as well as engineering of new PFC Channel beams that need to span the length of the existing plinths these needed to be precisely made to suit the new Trane Chiller that was to be installed complete with new Seismic Mounts. In addition to the engineering & planning the time frame to complete the project was less than 48 hours, to add there was an existing Gantry that had to be removed then reinstated in order to get the crane into position to complete the lift. Thanks to a huge team effort from all Chillex staff and subcontractors – NZ Crane, Machinery relocation’s, DCP, Carson Electrical, CTS, Qwerty & Pacific Insulation and assistance from the consultants at Agile and Scentre Management from St Luke’s the job was completed without an issues. Another successful Chiller replacement

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