Engineering expertise

Combining our expertise with the latest in technology and skills to design your HVAC solution the smart way

Our Chillex Design team specialises in collaborating with you, your designers and contractors, and alongside our build project team to develop your concepts and early design, using the latest technology and skills, with the outcome being the right customised solution for your building project and its mechanical compliance requirements.

We create detailed precision construction shop drawings and technical illustrations using 3D Scanning, CAD computer aided design and Revit for Building Information modelling (BIM).

We certify our work and the work of others through verification and peer review. Within reach of our Chillex Construction team and highly mobile for on-site consultation, our in-house Chillex Design team adds high value, project experience, and technical intelligence to your project.

We can take the lead through concept to handover.

At the forefront of the technology curve

Building information modelling (BIM)

Chillex is at the forefront of this game changing technology, using CAD & REVIT for BIM.

Our established team of Design and Project engineers use BIM to coordinate with architectural, structural and other trade services, allocate space for plant, ensure things fit before ordering bespoke items. 3D modelling makes this easy and accurate. It is a key tool in managing project timelines.

Our team creates detailed precision construction shop drawings using computer aided design CAD software, both in 2D and 3D formats, meaning we save you time and space on the project by being able to pre-manufacture off-site any required bespoke items like duct risers or pipe headers.

All of our files can synchronize directly into your as-built quality documents as well as ongoing Facilities Management (FM) programmes.


Chillex works in a 3D world.  Using the latest handheld fast paced technology in photo realistic 3D scanner, we can scan a space, a room, an area to scale & photographic quality in order to generate a scalable to real 3D view.

From that view, we can reconcile the design process, building procedure, and end-user product, to gain a perspective on when it is customer-ready. Therefore, you will gain a realistic visual experience using design to see what you are investing in.

  • For design advice that ensures you get the HVAC system that works best for your project
  • For planning your next BIM project
  • For a comprehensive report on the condition of your existing HVAC systems

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