Construction professionals

Experts in scoping, project managing, and building your HVAC mechanical needs – new, refurb or upgrade

Our Chillex Construction team specialises in scoping, project managing, and building HVAC mechanical services

  • into new buildings – and existing buildings
  • from single split section installation – to highly complex HVAC systems
  • in occupied working zones – and greenfield environments

Our highly experienced team of estimators, project engineers and project managers seamlessly transition throughout a project right from the developed design process through construction to customer handover.

Given our scale and broad expert skills, we can co-ordinate all mechanical, electrical, plumbing & fire related (MEPF) service trades and can assist you to lead the coordination either in BIM or 2D.

We help you reduce your overheads removing duplicating efforts amongst third party contractors and get greater control over the whole project.

We work it out. We get it done.



Safety and quality assured

Ensuring you are in safe hands, getting the highest possible level of build and expertise

Everything we do, we do it safe.  Keeping each other and those around us safe is our number one priority and a core part of every single day.

We design tailor-made quality assurance (QA) systems for each project, purpose built to match the HVAC systems designed. We get independent assessed quality assurance in commissioning our services, providing our customers and ourselves with a high level of independent endorsement for the work Chillex does.

SAFETY is a high priority at Chillex. Achieving the highest possible level of build and expertise, safely.

  • For any build and construction projects you are planning
  • To get preliminary budgets and accurate tender pricing
  • For early input into design and programme requirements

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