Our safety

We do it safe

Keeping each other and those around us safe is our number one priority and a core part of our every single day. 
We invest in and provide structured guidance to ensure the health and safety of our team, customers and all those we work alongside.

We do it comprehensively:
  • Full range of Policies, Procedures and Processes that map what we do, why we do it and when we do it.
  • Health and Safety Steering Group, Health and Safety Committee and Health and Safety Reps who actively collaborate from Directors level to shop floor to keep our people and yours safe.
  • Independent third-party auditing and reporting of our Health and Safety systems, processes and practices providing guidance and surety for both us and you.
We do it with responsibility
  • Understanding well and meeting our customer safety requirements
  • Clear expectations for all of our people with Managers and Supervisors championing Health and Safety
  • Having a Health & Safety professional in our team to provide guidance and support
We do it clearly
  • Regular toolbox meetings on ensuring safe work environments and keeping communication channels open.
  • Health & Safety performance measures and priorities set each year
  • Clear processes and guidelines for our Subcontractors so to ensure they also go home safe every day. All Subcontractors must pass a thorough Health and Safety Pre-Qualification assessment, then be actively monitored.  They must follow Chillex Site Specific Safety Plans, Policies and Procedures to ensure a consistent approach to Health and Safety across all of our work sites.


We are recognised for taking a lead in the industry, with others often seeking our advice on their Health & Safety practices.


Chillex is proud to be a Sponsor of the “Mates in Construction” New Zealand Pilot Programme. Mates in Construction is a Suicide Prevention and Mental Wellness Programme started in Australia to help men in the Construction Industry. Young men within the Australian Construction sector are two times more likely to take their own life when compared to other young Australian men. These numbers are similar in the New Zealand Construction Industry

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