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Trench Warfare in Construction

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Trench warfare construction
If you have 5 mins to spare in your busy work schedule take a few moments to read this article which was published on by John Beveridge on 24 August 2017. It makes for interesting reading.

Trench Warfare in Construction – NZ Herald Article

If you’re wondering how it is possible NZ’s biggest building company is struggling to make ends meet in the middle of a building boom, you are not alone.

It seems incredible that, at the peak of the biggest and most sustained building boom, our largest publicly-listed building companies are reporting big losses on projects.

If this is what’s happening at the top of the food chain you can be sure there are similar problems everywhere. The construction industry is at war with itself over scarce talent and skills. The incentive to use cheap sub standard materials is a rising temptation.

Following on from Fletcher’s shock and awe losses, a retirement village builder reported construction industry woes had cost it 5 to 10 per cent on projects. But they have advised shareholders not to be concerned about shrinking margins as they would be passing those costs on to buyers of their product. Lucky them being able to shunt the problem to elderly retirees… Read More


Apprentice Training

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Chillex Group and Refspecs (Refrigeration Specialties) ran a joint apprentice training session in Refspecs’ Auckland warehouse. Year 1, 2 3 & 4 R+A apprentices from CCCANZ companies Chillex, Climate Control, DCP Air Conditioning and Cool Comfort were present. This session covered TX Valve superheat setting, EPR and CPR settings and understanding the operating envelope of the compressor. The training was carried out by industry in a safe & supervised hands on environment aimed at creating a “real life” scenario rather than just a visual or text book task.

Both Chillex and Refspecs are committed to the on-going training of engineers in the HVAC&R trade under the CCCANZ umbrella for companies involved in the HVAC & R sector.


Helping Hands Project

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Chillex Group are proud to support the Helping Hands Build and Gatsby night fundraiser. A fantastic night was had by all who attended the evening which raised $25,000.00. All money raised goes towards the Helping Hands Build Project. This project is a unique event in the center of Newmarket, which provides an opportunity for local businesses and the general public to join together to build a healthy and affordable home, and highlight the innovative ways that a community can come together and support those in need. As families across the country struggle to find a decent place to live, this project will show how kiwis can come together to make a difference through their generosity of spirit and can-do attitude.


Westfield St Lukes

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Heli LiftThe whole team were down at Westfield St Lukes site bright and early.

And what a perfect morning Auckland gave us – clear blue skies, plenty of sunshine and no wind.

There’s nothing like a heli lift to start your day with a bang. Another successful mission accomplished by the Chillex Maintenance team.




381 Great South Rd Greenlane

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This building is a 4 level new commercial office building (Basement, level 1, level 2 and level 3) consisting of a new ASB Bank, ASB regional support office, office suite to lease, retail café and amenities. Each level is air conditioned by a VRV system with each indoor unit being controlled individually by a wall mounted controller. The entire system is controlled by an intelligent touch screen central control system, which monitors individual indoor unit power usage.

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