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Who We Are

The Chillex Group of companies provide a full and complete mechanical service to the heating, ventilating & air-conditioning industry.

Our mission to our clients – Provide a full and complete mechanical service to the air-conditioning industry. Uphold the highest levels of professionalism within the trade.
Meet our clients’ requirements quickly and efficiently to their satisfaction. Established in 1995, Chillex Group is a medium-sized, privately owned company specialising in Mechanical Services
and Air-Conditioning.

Open style of management – We have found that an open style of management incorporating a weekly staff meeting and a monthly overall progress review best suits the type of flexible company approach we aim to achieve. This ensures that all employee and client feedback is constantly evaluated and updated as required.

Industry investment – Chillex Group has also invested in an ongoing Apprenticeship based training programme (currently four refrigeration apprentices and three HVAC apprentices). We feel that a serious commitment to constantly improving staff skill levels will benefit both our clients and the future of the air-conditioning industry.

Our People

Cam Crawford
Director - Chillex Group
Mike Ford
Director - Chillex Maintenance
Jody Hunt
General Manager - Chillex Services
Thomas Ngatai
Commercial Manager - Chillex Group
Theo De Villiers
Project Manager - Chillex Maintenance
Jo Holden
Customer Service Manager - Chillex Maintenance
George Desmond
Service Manager - Chillex Maintenance
Owen Williams
Sales Account Manager - Chillex Maintenance
Arun Batra
Estimator/Quantity Surveyor - Chillex Maintenance
Valerie Papyn
Cad Operator / Draught Person - Chillex Group

Company Expertise

Mechanical Design and Build Installations

Chillex Group specalises in design and build air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial projects to suit your budget requirements. Steel and copper pipe work, ducting and mechanical ventilation, cooling towers, water chillers, process coolers, computer room a/c systems, pumps, package units and split systems. Fan plenums and extract systems, hydraulic units and high pressure UPVC plastic water systems. Domestic heat pump applications and all associated air-conditioning components.

Installation standards to NZS, 4302, 4303, 4219, 4104, 5807, 5235, 7643, AS1668.1 and AS1668.2 SMACNA standard, Building Industry Authority G4 ventilation, CIBSE commissioning codes.

Mechanical Retrofit

CFC – HCFC/HFC Conversions, inspections/stripdowns of all types of water chiller compressors (reciprocating, screw and centrifugal). Absorption water chillers. Upgrade of existing refrigeration plant to meet current standards or to replace obsolete machinery.

Design and installation of R410a variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems for new and existing commercial buildings. Our inverter VRV systems are a cost-effective solution for A/C unfriendly buildings that meets all current energy efficiency (MEP’s) industry standards.

Site Inspections and Advisory Services

Experienced technical staff and registered engineers are available to assess your problems promptly and objectively.

Written reports designed to pinpoint cost effective solutions for inherent air-conditioning system problems.

Independent IQP surveys for building Warrant of Fitness Compliance.

Service & Maintenance

Our service and maintenance company “Chillex Maintenance Ltd” employs several experienced air-conditioning and HVAC engineers who provide a full after sales service and maintenance back-up. Prompt 24 hour 7day/week after hours callout service.

Our log sheets and annual reports are designed specifically to maintain your air conditioning plant to building WOF standard.

Other Group Maintenance Services include:

  • Fault finding of microprocessor and electrical control components.
  • Insulation testing of motors and motor rebuilds.
  • Heat exchanger tube replacement.
  • Epoxy coating of condenser and evaporator water boxes.
  • Preventative maintenance contracts.
  • Planned plant shutdown and maintenance works.

New and existing air conditioning plant, special applications (eg. high sensible heat computer rooms). Full site reports and commissioning test results, air-balancing, producer statements for design and construction to local Council requirements.

O&M manuals and AutoCAD as-built drawings.

Guarantee of Workmanship

12 month labour warranty on all new installations. Preventative maintenance contracts arranged on a quoted job by job basis.

Company Training

Training photoAt Chillex we continue to invest in our company’s future, and in consistently high qualities of workmanship and skill base by putting our apprentices’ through a rigorous training programme.

By investing in our employees we have secured a stable resource of highly skilled tradesmen. Since we don’t rely on sub-contractors to work on our jobs, our tradesmen know that once their current project is completed, their job is still secure. We strongly believe that by investing our time and skills into our apprentices gives us a cutting edge over our competitors.

Through our training programme, Chillex employees gain:

  • industry certifications
  • valuable experience in best practice
  • first hand knowledge of workplace safety
  • long term job security
  • increased motivation

These are some of the courses our staff have successfully completed:

  • Site Safe Passport and Site Safe Gold Card
  • Site Safe Height and Harness
  • Elevated work platforms
  • Approved fillers and handlers
  • Mitsubishi Electric Silver and Gold courses
  • Mitsubishi Electric VRF servicing
  • Daikin VRV service and installation
  • Toshiba VRF service training
  • Fujitsu VRV Design
  • IceHouse Management training

Chillex has entered into training partnerships with other industry specialists and training providers to the industry:

  • Competenz
  • MIT
  • Gordon and Ryan Sheet Metals
  • Refrigeration Engineering
  • Duct Work Specialties
  • Pipe Welding Services

To enquire about becoming an apprentice at Chillex, please contact us.

Health & Safety

In July 2012 Chillex successfully achieved Secondary Level requirement for ACC WSMP Certification.

In achieving this certification we were put through a full day audit carried out by an ACC assessor. Chillex are all very proud to have maintained this ACC WSMP Certification to date and continue to work very hard at maintaining this high level of OH&S.  This certificate is due for renewal in 2018.

Chillex also undertook the Pre-qual assessment process in 2017 and achieved a four star rating as part of this process.

Health and Safety is but one of the many responsibilities carried out by staff as part of the business of Chillex Group

Our H & S company manual sets down the minimum health and safety standards required on all sites/workplaces of Chillex Group employees and subcontractors.

The company and the company’s directors expect all staff including managers to follow correct health and safety procedures and all staff are to advise each other when we are not following the correct procedures. Managers and supervisors are accountable for the health and safety performance in their work area.

Staff meetings and tool box meetings will assist management in maintaining a safe work environment. A Health and Safety Steering Committee and Health and Safety Co-ordinators from each division will assist the communication process.

The QA and Health and Safety Coordinator is dedicated to managing Health & Safety at Chillex Group and will be the internal specialist for the company. The Health & Safety
Coordinator will be assisted by staff from Chillex Services and Chillex Maintenance and Chillex Mid Island.

The policy statement will be reviewed by directors and the Steering Committee biannually.

Chillex Group Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of the company and its subsidiaries to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees and to carry out its activities in such a way as to ensure, that persons in the companies’ employment are not exposed to unmanaged risks to their health and safety.

The company will take all reasonably practical steps to ensure that high standards in health and safety are reflected in the development, design, and construction and commissioning of plant, equipment and projects for its clients both at home and overseas. Two-way communication and consultation with staff on Health and Safety issues is a key part of this strategy and this will occur through staff meetings and tool box meetings.

Company directors and management treat health and safety issues as a top priority. Project and maintenance staff will complete appropriate safety courses on a two yearly basis. A principal accountability for all of our staff is to maintain the attitude that all accidents are preventable. Our goal for injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents is zero.

In the event of an injury or illness occurring, the company, where practicable, will fully participate in appropriate rehabilitation programmes.

Accurate accident reporting and investigation is an integral part of the total company environment.

We must therefore continuously improve our Environmental, Health and Safety standards. Legal requirements are our minimum standard: we will adopt higher standards if these are necessary to create an injury and incident free workplace.

All company employees share this responsibility